MOTU swim is the quintessential brand for women that appreciate life's simple pleasures.

For women that choose to follow their heart, chase their dreams, and live a life full of happiness.

We desire and encourage all women to live their lives on their own terms, to ask questions and push boundaries, and to be unapologetically confident in themselves.

We believe in spending days filled with adventure, exploring the ocean and its shores. We believe in an appreciation for life's simple pleasures - a life of sun, sand, and salty skin.

We draw inspiration from the world around us - the pastels of dusk & dawn, the curve of coastlines, the majestic manta rays, the vibrance of tropical fruits.

Proudly & confidently designed in Australia, manufactured in Bali.
MOTU brings you sustainable, seamless, and simple swimwear.

Bikinis to enjoy life in.

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Meet Our OWNER

Owner and designer of MOTU swim, Lana Smith, grew up on the east coast of Australia, spending most of her time outdoors and in a bikini.

Growing up with a strong sense of independence and wander, travelling has become one of Lana's greatest passions, and she has explored and lived all over the world, from Sweden, New York & London, to Bali and Byron Bay. For Lana, travelling comes with a strong desire to explore, to push boundaries, and to choose paths less travelled, rather than succumbing to pressures to conform to norms and expectations. While she has experienced many destinations and cultures, it is the tropics that keeps calling her back and feels most like home. From Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii, and Cuba, to Zanzibar, Tahiti & Bora Bora, a deep appreciation for a simplistic island lifestyle has embedded itself in her heart.

Sunrise hikes, refreshing swims, drinking coconuts, catching fish, snorkelling, sunset bonfires - all are ingredients for her perfect day.

It is through these simple pleasures and a desire to live life on her own terms, that MOTU was born.

Designs Inspired by Needs

MOTU was designed from real needs. Living a life in the sun and ocean, we knew exactly what we wanted from a bikini but were struggling to find styles that met those needs. After talking to other women, we knew we weren't alone.

1) FIT

Being a 10DD bra size, finding a bikini that could provide coverage, support, AND style was one of Lana's biggest issues. Most brands offered 'standard' sizing that didn't cater to women of different sized busts and frames.

This is why ALL of our tops are completely adjustable.


Being in the ocean every day meant we needed something that could endure this lifestyle. We say no to bottoms that sag or colours that fade.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality, with excellent shape & colour retention, and are UV-, chlorine-, oil- and lotion-resistant.


When you spend every day in the sun, bikinis with cut-outs and multiple straps just equals awkward tan lines. Keeping it simple and minimal is key.

All of our bikinis are designed for minimal tan lines and timeless style.


We believe in looking after what we love, and we LOVE our planet.

Sustainability has been at the heart of what we do since day one. We see it as a journey, rather than a destination, and are continuously exploring ways to improve our practices.

We have spent countless days appreciating the depths of our oceans, and swimming with incredible creatures from manta rays to sharks. We have seen firsthand the effects of pollution, of climate change, and as a company have made it our mission to minimise our impact as efficiently as possible, educating others as we try.

We currently donate 5% of each sale to select charities, each making efforts to fight climate change, ocean pollution, and ecosystem regeneration.


We are so excited to have you on this journey with us - to share our passions, experiences, and adventures together.

Size chart

We currently stock sizes XS S, M and L for bottoms, and sizes S, M, L and XL for tops.

Please refer to the below size chart to determine the appropriate size for you.

For tops, we recommend choosing a size based on your cup size as all styles are adjustable around the back and shoulders.

If you're still unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll try our best to provide you with a personalised recommendation.

Size AU Size UK Size EU Size US Size Cup Size (based on bra band size 10)
XS 6 6 34 2 N/A
S 8 8 36 4 A-B/C
M 10 10 38 6 C-D
L 12 12 40 8 DD
XL 14 14 42 10 E+